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Problems with Chrome browser for image updates

Posted: Sun 29 Apr 2018 9:22 am
by Nevizio
Good morning I have a problem apparently unsolvable with the chrome browser in the updated image display on my website, the data is updated but not the images for example the graphics and the web cam, only happens with Chrome and not with other browsers so I think it's a problem relating to the cache, in fact, by manually emptying it in the settings the images are updated but those who visit my site should view the updated images (web cam graphics etc.) automatically, how can I tell the html page not to use the browser to cache?

I state that I have already read this topic: ... 720#p40453

... I have already 'uploaded the 2 files on the server that hosts my site, but I can not find the tags for the graphics and the image of the web cam to be inserted in the html code of my web page
How do I do the graphics and the image of my web cam are updated?
I'm going crazy looking for the solution!

Who can help me?
Thank you!