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What to do with data from MySQL

Other discussion about creating web sites for Cumulus that doesn't have a specific subforum

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What to do with data from MySQL

Post by cazz »

I have Dayfile and Realfile save in MySQL, most for fun, I was curious if I can connect my MySQL that I have on another server to Comulus.

But what can I do with it??
Most system I have found here use the realtime.txt file and not the MySQL database?

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Re: What to do with data from MySQL

Post by sfws »

cazz wrote:I have Dayfile ... in MySQL ... But what can I do with it??
Mark's https://cumulus.hosiene.co.uk/viewtopic.p ... it=top+ten for example

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Re: What to do with data from MySQL

Post by jlmr731 »

Are you also savinging the monthly too? MX does this for you if you have it setup.

Now what you can do is -- all the things just have to learn how to get the data you want then display said data charts graphs or whatever.

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Re: What to do with data from MySQL

Post by PaulMy »

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