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Annual Data Summary update failure

Other discussion about creating web sites for Cumulus that doesn't have a specific subforum

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Re: Annual Data Summary update failure

Post by Super-T » Sat 29 Sep 2018 10:30 pm

Actually, that is an old screenshot.....it has the ftpupload in the daily.
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Re: Annual Data Summary update failure

Post by sfws » Sun 30 Sep 2018 7:59 am

Super-T wrote: Thats the old windows 10 setup default problem and does explain the corruption problem.
Incidentally, my own scripts do not need to be told what separator is used between fields, they simply look to see what character appears after the two figure year in dayfile.txt! So my scripts cope with Microsoft deciding how it thinks you want to be set up.
BCJKiwi wrote:The issue is the 'new' test system is uploading when it shouldn't be, and is sending the problem dayflie which overwrites the good one on the webserver.
The thread title "Annual Data Summary" is about a web page, it happens to be a web page that I understand well as I helped you produce a new version of the PHP script for it years ago. As Super_T says, I have answered why that page was showing corrupted information, and solved that for him. I have also given a simple solution to avoid overwriting a single remote file, based on the information made available in the earlier post. He says he copied his complete set-up between his machines, that automatically amends local paths; I say he should have manually changed remote path names whereever they are used if he wants to keep his test stuff separate.

If Super-T wants to report a potential issue with Cumulus 1, as you claim, he should be posting in a different section of the forum, i.e. posting in that dealing with Steve's Cumulus 1 software. But there is no evidence that his test system has faulty software, no evidence that Cumulus 1 on desktop is uploading all the files, as his other web pages are showing data from his long-running laptop (e.g. http://www.janter.co.nz/weather/record.htm has data since 2008). His corruption problem was with a single web page that was designed to be simple, and him manually updating a single file with an incorrect format to a location used by his production system.
Super-T wrote:it has the ftpupload in the daily.
Are you saying until 29 Sept, you had an upload being performed daily that uploaded the file? If so, you have solved the issue that BCJK refers to. You may have switched off the standard Cumulus every five minute upload, but you had included your daily additional one, and created the issue because you unwisely used the same remote file path and name.

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