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Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Thu 24 Mar 2016 1:14 pm
by Mapantz
I want to thank the OP for a wonderful script.

I have a query or possible request..

Can an option be added to use wind gust speeds when determining the wind? It may seem an odd request, it's just that it is very windy here, but in gust form. My current conditions say either 'Light breeze' or 'Gentle Breeze' because my averages never get that high. It doesn't seem to highlight that it is pretty windy. The gust speeds occurring at the moment would be considered a fresh to moderate breeze. I know this goes against the meteorological norm, but some of us may get good gusts from time to time, but not the higher averages because of obstructions.

It's still a fantastic script though- works very well with the solar sensor. :)

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Wed 06 Apr 2016 7:37 am
by MeteoBisignano
but the figure "fog" is calculated only after rain fall or just get the base value of less cloud to 30 meters?
This morning there was fog but the script I just calculated Cloudy

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Wed 06 Apr 2016 11:00 am
by beteljuice
'Fog' is given when NOT raining and cloudbase < 10m.
'Cloudy' is from your solar readings.

Check what your RH was at the time - it may be that your RH needs calibrating through Cumulus.
See earlier in the thread: ... 1&start=75 and ... 1&start=82

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Sun 14 Aug 2016 10:27 am
by beteljuice
Google have stopped the free translation API :bash:

This means if you have 'manual' or 'prefix' text and it is not displayed in your native language - It WILL Fail !

Anyone know of an alternative free translation service that can be 'called' and return text or html ?

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Mon 09 Jan 2017 5:01 pm
by dazza1223
hi all dose any one know how to refresh Current Conditions in the page as i have to keep re loading the pages

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Sat 11 Mar 2017 11:39 pm
by JennyLeez
Hi dazza1223,

It appears this answer maybe a couple of months late so you may already have something sorted :)

I just add

Code: Select all

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="300">
to the top of any page I want to refresh regularly.


Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Sun 23 Jul 2017 4:06 pm
by Mapantz

I've been using this script for some time now, and it has been excellent. There is something (possibly small?) I wanted to request. We've just been in the midst of a heavy shower, and I was looking at the current conditions, and wondering if 'Raining Moderately' and 'Raining Heavily' could be implemented?

I'm guessing that it would be down to this part of the code?

Code: Select all

// Rain check

        if($MinutesSinceLastRainTip < 20){ // NOAA and Davis say a rain 'event' must be measurable at least every 15 min.

// however: one 'tip' could be an accident or the straw that broke the camels back

// NB: rain last hour NOT rainrate

            $auto .= (decCom($rhour) > ($rainunit == "mm" ? 0.3 : 0.015) ? $langCurrWeather["rain"] : $langCurrWeather["driz"]); // Drizzle could also be dew
            $suppress = 1; // suppress skycond

// even more (optional) fuzzy logic - figures are a suck it and see thing !

            if(decCom($presstrendval) *1.5 > ($pressunit == "hPa" || $pressunit == "mb" ? 0.7 : 0.0207)) { 
                $auto .= $langCurrWeather["improve"];
            if(decCom($presstrendval) *3 < ($pressunit == "hPa" || $pressunit == "mb" ? -1.5 : -0.0443)) {
                $auto .= $langCurrWeather["worse"];
        } elseif ($MinutesSinceLastRainTip > 15 && $MinutesSinceLastRainTip < 30 ) {   
            $auto .= $langCurrWeather["stop"];  // if applicable skycond will follow
 // END rain check
I added these to the $langCurrWeather = array(

Code: Select all

    "heavrain" => "Raining Heavily",
    "modrain" => "Raining Moderately",
Kind regards.

Re: Cumulus ‘Current Conditions’ Alternative v3.0

Posted: Wed 22 Nov 2017 3:59 pm
by vagmor
Is there any possible way to use your current codition.php or somehow to change the current codition icon according to the cuurent conditions?

vangelis moraitis

i use a subdomain so json....and e.t.c. doesnt work for me.