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Rain data errors

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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Re: Rain data errors

Post by Orion »

Goodbye!!! :bash:

Steve and others on this forum do a great job helping out newcomers to this hobby
But with that sort of attitude i will be surprised if anyone helps you in the future

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Re: Rain data errors

Post by Gina »


Sorry, no banner - weather station out of action. Hoping to be up and running with a new home-made one soon.

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Steve & Gina thank you

Post by JockinSpain »

As a relative newcomer to this thread, I find the information offered by users invaluable, particularly that from Steve and Gina. I have a Fine Offset PWS, but the instructions provided are hopelessly inadequate, and I would have struggled to set up the station, and publish the data on the Internet, without their help here in this thread. I do not need to ask specific questions, as the answers are all here somewhere. The fact that this is my first post testifies to this!

Thank you all for providing this free service to confused Fine Offset users.

Jock (no speaky 'html')

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Re: Rain data errors

Post by MartinDn »

No way would I ever go back to EasyWeather. I find Cumulus much easier to use and more feature rich. And whenever I had a problem the answer was here.

I still run EasyWeather from time to time, just to keep it up to date. I have had some problems with rain spikes, which I now know how to fix in Cumulus. I have never found a way to do that in EasyWeather, hence my reainfall values are wrong in E/W. Not that I'm that bothered anymore, I'd rather stick to Cumulus.

I suppose since I feel like that it is time I made a donation.


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Re: Rain data errors

Post by artworksmetal »

I had a bit of trouble setting up my website. I speak IT speak, but web speak, not so much. But from what I've seen, this forum has a wealth of information and a diverse group of people worldwide willing to help. They are also quite eager to explain things. There are some rather long threads with people not well versed in the same language trying to help each other.
In fact, I haven't seen an impatient or untoward thing on this forum by anyone.

Until now...

So, Billyboy. Let's assume you had a bad day, and we'll have a do-over.

JUST SAY NO to Easyweather :bash:

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