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WH1080 memory problem

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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WH1080 memory problem

Post by rfg »

I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a WH1080 which works fine except that the memory no longer holds any data (it did for the last 10 months). The memory circle is clear. Is there a setting for stopping and starting the memory? I have cleared the memory in the past when it has become partly or fully black in the circle by pressing and holding the circle. Perhaps I have switched it off by accident? The WH1080 otherwise works fine and connects ok to the PC but without any memory data to read. Batteries appear good and display bright. Changing the date format on the PC (Easyweather) amended it on the unit so communication via USB seems perfectly ok. I am about to install cumulus but obviously unless the memory circle on the unit is showing something I am not going to download any data. Using Easyweather the memory interval is set to 5 minutes but no memory is shown on the unit. Pressing teh +/- on the unit after pressing memory does show earlier data but this isn't being read. Easyweather says no records read at last read time . Total records read - 6270. Any ideas please?

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Re: WH1080 memory problem

Post by steve »

I've seen cases of these stations suddenly decide to stop logging - actually, they are still logging, but they don't move on the the next location at the appointed time, so don't build up any archive. You might be able to find them in the forum, but I'm not sure what search terms to use. I think that in some cases, a solution has been to reset the logger interval using Easyweather, this seems to get it going again. It's as if the logger interval has become zero or some very large number.

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