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For Sale - Spare parts - Fine Offset sensors

Posted: Tue 10 Nov 2020 5:40 pm
by ExperiMentor
I have a load of Fine Offset sensors and structural parts that I can sell. Basically , 2 complete setups except as below. Never been installed - were bought as spares after I lost a wind sensor to golf-ball-sized hailstones, and then when Maplin were closing down, and never needed them, such is how well constructed these cheap devices were!

There is an N96FY and an N96GY. Not sure if the numbering refers to the colour (one set is light-grey plastic, the other is mid-grey) or the frequency band used (434 or 868 - there doesn't seem to be a way to tell) or indeed, I understand there can even be a different communication protocol if the frequency is the same.

There is ONE Therm/Hydro/Transmitter which works (light grey -- band not known), for which I have don't have a receiver (display console) for sale.
The other transmitter (mid-grey) has a matching display console - but one or other part is NOT working - both devices behave as you'd expect (flashing LED, and display lights up correctly), BUT they no longer communicate with each other.

Any interest in any items? I guess I'd prefer to sell individual bits to people who need spares than 2 boxfulls to sit forever in someone else's garage before being thrown away.

Now the snag - I live in Europe so postage is likely to be more expensive than an individual part, unless you're happy to wait until I return to the UK (Xmas, maybe?)

Anyway, if you have an interest, post below or send a private message with details and we can see what might work out.

**Update: 'white' sensors are now in short supply. Plenty of 'light-grey' remain, some new, some used.