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Ecowitt/Fine Offset weather stations

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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Ecowitt/Fine Offset weather stations

Post by TechnoDribble » Wed 01 May 2019 5:36 pm

Dear all, I thought I would post here about my findings on the latest Fine Offset weather stations.

If you are not aware Fine Offset have started or are collaborating with a new sister company in Hong Kong/Shenzen called Ecowitt.
Ecowitt's aim is to bring direct to market all the goodness that Fine Offset are making.
I have been in dialog with Lucy from Fine Offset/Ecowitt through out this year and they have some really exciting projects underway to make them serious budget challengers to Davis etc

Please see my experience with one of their latest weather consoles and sensor arrays here:
https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/9 ... 50/page/3/

What I will add is that I have not yet figured out how to connect my Cumulus Mx installation on my Pi to the new station, leaving it for now connected to my ancient Maplin FO system.
I will say that when you get a new station and run them side by side you can quickly see how after more than a few years the sensors degrade horribly. My new station now matches almost precisely the reading from the local Met Office site at Wisley, Surrey which is 7 miles away or so.

There is hope however as if you read the posting you will see I also have a GW-1000 (Matchbox sized) data logger from Ecowitt. Its like a mini console with integrated temp/hygro/barometer and can read the data signals from any sensor arrays out in the garden. At the moment I have this uploading the data to WU and to Ecowitt.net (proprietary data hosting which is really good) but my ambition is to extract the data and send to the Pi and Cumulus MX. Ecowitt has not published the API yet but are promising to do so and have worked with Boris to allow the Meteobridge to read the data just this week. So if it can be done on Meteobridge it must be possible to code it for the Pi and Cumulus.

Anyway that's enough warbling for now. If you are interested in a new Fine Offset weather station then take a look at Ecowitt.
For UK peeps like me the best route is to send an e-mail to Lucy at sales@ecowitt.com and ask for a quote about what options you would like and Lucy will give you a shipped quote in USD$. Don't forget to specify what frequency option you want.

Anyone interested I am more than happy to field questions.
For example Ecowitt have in development a Ultrasonic rain gauge, weather cam and lightnening detector amongst others and you can see the some of the newer kit on their website already. I have the soil moisture sensor and the Air quality sensor (PM2.5) in play on my weather station.

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