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Display Console - near disaster

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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Display Console - near disaster

Post by harrym1byt » Sun 08 Jul 2018 11:09 am

After a considerable battle getting CumulusMX working with my Pi 3B+ and my WH1081, deciding that now I was no longer tied by usb to having the display in cable range of my desktop computer upstairs - the only place I could reliably get a signal from the sensors, I decided now was the time to add the switch mod to allow the LED console lighting to be always on. This mod - http://sandaysoft.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... b&start=30

It was rather hot in my loft electronics workshop and I must admit I was feeling the heat doing the work. I opened the unit up, got in rather a mess of not knowing what was supposed to go back where in the panels so was rather distracted whilst soldering the switches wires in the relevant places. At one point my first connection came off and attached to the wire was a surface mount transistor. I quickly took it off the wire and parked the transistor on a blob of blutack whilst I investigated. I decided it must have been stuck on top of the transistor I was trying to solder my wire too, as there were no others in the area I could see, which were missing. Reassembled, tested the switch and lights and left it to gets its MSF time received. Then I spotted the display had no indoor temperature, no pressure and no indoor humidity - Oh dear..

One wrecked WH1081 weather station :bash: That was yesterday..

This morning I decided to open it up again and compare the actual PCB with the PCB photos here http://sandaysoft.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... led+fo+usb

After a bit of time spent spotting the differences, I noticed Q3 on my PCB was missing. How it came to be missing and how it came to be attached to the end of my new switches wire I have absolutely no idea, but lucky I spotted it and saved it.

I am well used to working on electronics, but not surface mount - its a bit too tiny now for my ageing eyesight, but..

Fully expecting my Q3 to be already damaged by heat, I had a go at refixing it back in place. Good bench magnifier, good fine soldering iron and a wooden tooth pick to pin Q3 down in place whilst I quickly soldered. Happy to report all is back and working complete with display light too.

Were I doing the LED mod again, I really would no bother with the dim position setting, it is too dim to be useful, at least on mine.

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