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Bye bye Cumulus....

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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Bye bye Cumulus....

Post by JamesWestoby » Tue 02 May 2017 2:43 pm

I have No/ZERO/NADA issues with Cumulus (and I donated so conscience is clear), but not going to be using it anymore.

Basically the software loses connection and doesn't reconnect (this is known I do understand), but for me this isn't a weather station and most of it I don't need/want.

My situation is a bit odd as I use the weather station to provide info to my home automation system and when it stops - well, that's not good. (Also funny as I do actually work for the Met Office! How ironic is that?)

So after a year of trying, finally had some time to work out why the plugin I wrote had stopped when I moved it to a 64 bit machine and new station, I'm leaving.

Just as a small aside I was helped hugely by Steve and others so thanks for that. The one thing I did think was how little I actually wanted most of what Cumulus did - fun as it was to go "Oooh, lots of rain then!" it was annoying to get "Stuff, it locked up a week ago with no warning.".

I do wonder why something like Cumulus is so complicated - if I were writing it I'd definitely had a simple (non database) log and then had the graphs etc. hanging off of those. Still, I didn't and Steve did - good for him and the many, many happy people he has.

(No sarcasm in that, text is terrible at sincerity, isn't it.)

So, bye all, thank you for the help and even just being an interesting read.

James D Westoby

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