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WH 1081 Software

Discussion specific to Fine Offset and similar rebadged weather stations
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WH 1081 Software

Post by PMH »

Have a WH 1081 weather station purchased from Maplins some years ago.
Still working perfectly.

My old computer which had the Easyweather software installed eventually gave up
and all software was removed by the computer repairer.
Easyweather installation disc lost.

Now have new computer which runs Windows 10

Can any forum member please assist with software to run my WH 1081 unit.

Would like to get the original Easyweather program if at all possible but any suitable
alternative would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: WH 1081 Software

Post by Turvey »

Is this the same Easyweather? http://www.foshk.com/Support/software/34.html

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Re: WH 1081 Software

Post by PaulMy »

That appears to be a station supported by Cumulus https://cumuluswiki.wxforum.net/a/FAQ#W ... rk_with.3F


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Re: WH 1081 Software

Post by philcdav »

you did have the Easy Weather data backed up of course?
If you did then u can pass it over to Cumulus.

EW is not very good whereas Cumulus is brilliant
Phil - G0DOR

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Re: WH 1081 Software

Post by mcrossley »

There is a user on the forum who converts the data for people - you may give him a try...

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Re: WH 1081 Software

Post by Dags »

You Can get the easyweather software download from the internet just type easyweather or easyweather plus 2.0 it's a working dowmload

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