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forums slowdown....?

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forums slowdown....?

Post by tomcatuk » Wed 07 Jan 2009 4:41 am

Hi Steve, was really difficult to log on to the forums yesterday, just seeems to grind to a halt, so tried a quick check with www.http://centralops.net/co/

FTP - 21 Error: TimedOut
SMTP - 25 Error: TimedOut
HTTP - 80 Error: TimedOut
POP3 - 110 Error: TimedOut
IMAP - 143 Error: TimedOut

Not sure if this is since christmas as there has been a surge of users (me included) that is causing a slowdown or just me my end, but everywhere else that I regular use seems fine... hence the log in at 04:30 am.... and sure is cold out there... Brrrrrrrrrrrr...
Regards Steve

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Re: forums slowdown....?

Post by steve » Wed 07 Jan 2009 7:57 am

Dreamhost was a little slow at times, and had an outage for about 45 minutes at one point.


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