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Hi from Skye...

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Hi from Skye...

Post by skyewright » Tue 09 Dec 2008 10:35 am

First post, so I though I'd start with a bit of background - though I notice that there are quite a few familiar names already here from 'another place. ;)

I've had a weather station now for almost a year. I'd fancied one for ages. I could see that Davis was top of the range, but I could not justify the cost.

In December 2007 while looking for something else I noticed the OS WMR100 and was interested. I then noticed the WMR200 and decided that it looked like a good compromise. It was only when I started using it (with WD) that I discovered just how "fresh out out of the box" it was...

Now nearly a year later I have the WMR200, a WMR928 with the three basic extra temp/hum and three THC238 'temp probe on a lead' sensors (one as soil, one as temp in a jar/night cloud, the other awaiting resiting as a deeper soil temp), plus Meteohub (software) running on an NSLU2 (the Linux based device that Meteohub runs on) and an RFXCOM receiver. I mainly process and present data using Weather Display, but I also have WSWIN. :o

The RFXCOM captures the data direct from the OS sensors (which is how I manage to have a total of 6 WMR928 '3 channel' sensors), feeds it to Meteohub, which then feeds it to WD via a http based logging protocol. WD is only seeing data from one of the rain gauges and one of the anemometers - though whe the two anemometers were side by side I used a proxy cgi that I wrote myself to sit between Meteohub and WD to merge the wind data before WD saw it!

Even with WMR200 => WD communication now being basically sound, I'm much happier with the reliability of the Meteohub based "round the houses" approach than with direct WMR200 => WD communications - and as bonuses:
a) I can use more sensors
b) The Meteohub can still publish at least some data 24/7 even if the PC is down for some reason (it's only within the last month of so that I've switched WD to a low energy PC and 24/7 running).
c) I can have the consoles in convenient locations away from the PC.
d) The Meteohub is effectively a logger with massive capacity (years worth of every raw data reading).
The WMR200 logging capacity remains available as a backup facility.

My current kit probably adds up to the price of a Davis (but I'd also need the data logger, and it would certainly cost more to have the number of sensors that I have)!

Horses for courses. For the moment I'm happy with my collection of hardware - though I have recently started to dip a toe into 1-wire... :D :lol:

On the software side I think matters could be improved, hence my interest here...


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Re: Hi from Skye...

Post by steve » Tue 09 Dec 2008 1:41 pm

Hi David,

That's an interesting set of kit you have there!

We came very close to buying a house on Skye. It was almost a toss-up between a house there and the one we eventually bought in Glenlivet. In the end, with the problems we had with the silly cow we were buying it from, it would have been better if the coin had fallen the other way!


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