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Scare as 11 year-old netbook becomes noisy

Posted: Wed 12 Feb 2020 6:12 pm
by RayProudfoot
This morning my 11 year-old Samsung NC10 started making whirring noises. Oh god, is this its demise?

A friend suggested I contact a laptop repair shop in Stockport. I did and they thought it was probably the fan. I took it in and they fixed it there and then but not before there was another scare when they booted it up and there was no display. :o

After some head scratching the engineer realised he had not reinserted the RAM! :lol: Once inserted the display came alive and I returned home a happy man.

But one more headache to fix. I launched Cumulus without first checking the system date. It had reset to August 2008 as the netbook had been reset. Bugger! Another 15 mins fixing various files and then it was okay. :clap:

The shop is a godsend as they sell hundreds of various second hand PCs so when the day of reckoning does arrive I have somewhere to buy a replacement instead of the dreaded Fleabay! :D