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How to boost your site visitors

Posted: Tue 14 Jan 2020 3:34 pm
by RayProudfoot
A few days ago I had a leaflet through the door inviting me to join a local neighbourhood website where people could exchange tips about security, general advice and other useful local topics. I decided to join. Whilst most chatter is about hiring cleaners, getting a gardener etc I thought I would advertise my weather website on it.

What a remarkable effect it's had. Although I get around 20 visitors a day and around 52 counts yesterday's visitors were 74 and hits 154. Over three times as many. The area covered is around a 3 mile radius so it's very local. Given the way today's count has gone people are genuinely interested and appreciate the info.

The website is If you want to share your weather info with your neighbours it strikes me as a great way to do it. I had to enter a code from the piece of paper through my door but you should just be able to register in the usual way.