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Replacement for WS-1090

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Replacement for WS-1090

Post by crgauth » Thu 13 Jul 2017 11:46 pm

I have had a WS-1090 station for a few years now.
Only issue I have had is anemometer got stuck and had to be replaced.
Issue is that indoor display no longer will talk to weather software (tried both Cumulus and Easyweather).
The console is no longer available as unit is no longer in production (at least on Weatherwise website).
Weatherwise has been promising a replacement (Osprey) for several months.
So looking for recommendations on a new solar powered weather station that can report to Internet.
I am ok using weather software on my PC as I leave it on all the time.
Want to keep cost around $100.

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Re: Replacement for WS-1090

Post by AllyCat » Mon 17 Jul 2017 8:58 am

crgauth wrote:The console is no longer available as unit is no longer in production (at least on Weatherwise website).
AFAIK, "Weatherwise" is just a "badge" (brand name) applied to the stations made by the Chinese manufacturer "Fine Offset" and plenty of those still appear to be available under other "names" and model numbers. The generic numbers are the "Touchscreen" 1080 (with RCC) or 1081 (without RCC) and the Solar (data and charging) models 3080, 3081 and 3083 which all use push-buttons.

IMHO the Fine Offset solar charging is of almost no practical value, but it could probably be added quite easily and reliably if you really wanted it.

Don't attempt to replace just the Console, it's unlilkely to cost much less than a complete station and there are numerous complications with compatibility. I don't think there's much else than a FO that you'll find with a $100 budget, perhaps not even the 308x.

Cheers, Alan.

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