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Lacrosse WS2355 replacement cable

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Lacrosse WS2355 replacement cable

Post by Dcalleja »

I was wondering if anyone know what cable I can use to connect from my WS2355 external unit to the inside display. I want to try to get around the Lacrosse cold weather dropout issue by switching from wireless to wired (but I've misplaced th cable it can with).

Any help on the connectors and or cable type would be appreciated


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Re: Lacrosse WS2355 replacement cable

Post by AllyCat »

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with the Lacrosse stations and you haven't specified your location (which can be quite important when sourcing parts) but page 84 (36 in the .PDF) of the manual I found says:

"17. Accessories: adding cable extensions

For your convenience, additional telephone cables to increase the connection distance between each of the units may be purchased from any reputable hardware store. Simply add these to the current cables to extend your cable connection distance. "

In the UK, standard "telephone" plugs are rather different and you should look for the type used for "broadband".

Note that they may have 2, 4 ("RJ11") or 6 ("RJ12") Cores (which may or may not be the same as the number of Contacts and/or "Poles") so you will need to look carefully at the connectors on your station.

Cables may be described as perhaps 4c/6p and it may be worth looking for "solid copper" conductors (not "Copper Clad Aluminium" and "exterior grade", particularly for outside use.

Cheers, Alan.

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Re: Lacrosse WS2355 replacement cable

Post by hairypeatcutter »

I'm no expert, I have a Technoline WS 2350 and when making up a new lead to go outside I got External Phone cable, I'm under the impression the normal stuff ( 4 core flat cable ) in Maplin ect is internal, external is not meant to be effected by sunlight, it's available on ebay ect, I used an FCC68 plug 6P4C from Maplin ( online) I got plugs from them before and the gave me 4P4C which is slightly smaller, although it fits the 6P one is a better fit.
I notice "Cable similar to BT external" is available on line, best going with the "Manufactured by BT" as I believe it's not a copy, that's if you're in the UK that is :)

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