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battery type for WH1080 Solar

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battery type for WH1080 Solar

Post by jnstllng » Sun 02 Apr 2017 9:42 am

I am running my Fine Offset WH1080 SE (WS1080) station now for 5.5 months and after some modifications it really gives good values. I'm owning the one with a little solar panel on the transmission unit. I know that the rechargable batteries must be different from the ones normally used, but I did not find any good reference which ones to buy when the old ones fail in the future.

Normal rechargable type AA normally have 1.2 V, but the voltage of the rechargable batteries in the transimission unit must be 1.5 V. Does anyone have a recommendation for me which one where to get?

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Frank G
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Re: battery type for WH1080 Solar

Post by Frank G » Sun 02 Apr 2017 10:03 am

You can't use "normal" rechargable batteries (NiMh), it must be NiZn-rechargable-batteries.
I bought some from amazon:https://www.amazon.de/ANSMANN-Mignon-Ni ... ku+ansmann.

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Re: battery type for WH1080 Solar

Post by AllyCat » Sun 02 Apr 2017 5:24 pm


Good Rechargeable batteries shouldn't need to be replaced ! ;)

However, the "Rechargeabe Alkaline" cells used by FO are basically a "rubbish" technology and probably will fail in due course. Certainly don't try to find replacement Rechargeable Alkalines, the simple solution is to use normal (non-rechargeable) Alkaline cells which are virtually identical. No modifications are required, but you could disconnect the solar panel if paranoid. :)

The selection of "proper" rechargeables is quite difficult, but normal NiMH may be satisfactory. Their nominal voltage is only 1.2 volts per cell (about the same as a 75% discharged Alkaline), so the "Low Battery" icon (on the Console screen) may come on and the wireless range be slightly reduced. But fully-charged cells are close to 1.5 volts, like Alkalines.

Theoretically, either two x NiZn, or one LiFePO4 plus a "Placeholder" (short-circuit) cell, give a nominal 3.2 volts, or one NiZn + one NiMH would give 3.0 volts. Mixing cell technologies is generally not recommended, but shouldn't be a problem provided that you watch out for the "Low Battery" icon.

But, I don't know about the Solar Powered (only) pods, but the Solar Data Pods (i.e. 308x) have an internal regulator which appears to deliver only 3.0 volts. Arguably, that's not enough even for the Alkalines and certainly not sufficient for NiZn or LiFePO4 types, which makes NiMH the only simple option. I have been looking at increasing the voltage from the regulator, but it's not an easy modification.

Cheers, Alan.

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Re: battery type for WH1080 Solar

Post by Super-T » Mon 03 Apr 2017 1:50 am

Quality standard Alkaline works for me. Last about 18 months. Disable the solar panel though. Less trouble overall unless you have your transmitter on a hard to get to place.

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