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Farleigh Meadows weather station. Tiverton Devon

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Farleigh Meadows weather station. Tiverton Devon

Post by moff » Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:43 am

Hello there

Please forgive me if this post is not relevant or appropriate - I can't find any other way to contact the people who may be in charge of the weather station: Farleigh Meadows in Tiverton.

I have been using the daily average temperature in Tiverton for a year long project. Each day it would be updated on the data summary page here... http://www.farleighmeadows.co.uk/datasu ... ta=avgtemp and I would check and use the information for my project.

Unfortunately, as you can see, it has not updated since 12 March and I really need this information. I can't use it from another source as it would be inconsistent.

Can you please help? I either need:
  • The person in charge of the station to read this post or be alerted to it and update the data.
    Someone to tell me how to get in touch with said person.
    Another solution.
I would be extremely grateful for any support provided.

Thank you

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Re: Farleigh Meadows weather station. Tiverton Devon

Post by steve » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:01 pm

If you search the forum for farleighmeadows, you'll find a thread started by the owner, so you can then send him a private message. He should then get an email telling him there's a message for him. He hasn't visited the forum since last July.

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