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Barometer Watch

Talk about the weather
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Re: Barometer Watch

Post by AndyKF650 »

Well this is proving an interesting thread, with Mark and Ray in Cheshire having broadly similar results, but here, much further south in the Channel Islands, the extremes are not so pronounced and at different dates reflecting the very variable tracks of incoming storms. Sorry guys you seem to get the worst of it.

I can see HansR point about getting the steepest gradient at any one time but that is very difficult to measure over a long record set. So I suppose we just have to deal with the data on a daily basis.
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Re: Barometer Watch

Post by RayProudfoot »

Hi Andy,

I wouldn’t expect the CIs to have comparable readings. The worst winter lows always track further north. Scotland should have higher variations.

To record the greatest pressure range a process would have to run every few minutes and read backwards to the same time yesterday, calculate the difference and hold it somewhere. But even that may not capture the greatest change as pressure changes are constantly changing.

Look at my highest change - 44.7 - which is less than the 47 I determined manually over a 24 hour period rather than the min and max for any particular day.

I’m not aware of any such records being held by the Met Office. If they can’t handle it who can? It needs the Mk 1 Eyeball, a good set of data and a keen interest. :D

LATER: That pressure on the 27th of 968.8 was my lowest since 15 Feb 2014 when it fell to 963.1hPa.
Ray, Cheshire.


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