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Springtime NW Australia

Talk about the weather
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Springtime NW Australia

Post by nossis » Tue 27 Oct 2015 9:57 am

Ah it has been a while since I have perused the forums.

I thought I would share how I am missing winter (if one could call it that here, I suspect it is like most people have for their summer)
Spring is here and it is generally assumed as a time of pleasant temperatures, birds singing, flowers blooming etc.... Alas not for the Pilbara region in Australia.
Summer temperatures are here.
It is now the that trees start to curl their leaves in the heat, the grass struggles and longs for any shade, one turns on the shower and hopes for some really cold water for just a moment. Ah how sweet that is.
In fact at McDonalds, there is a sign above the cold tap that reads "warning water maybe hot" The thing is... it is hot!
Sometimes we get down to the beach for a dip, although in high summer even the ocean temp is bit to warm

For the month of October we have had 13 days that the mercury cracked over 40 deg C (104F)
This time of year we get high 30's to low 40's as a max and I consider myself lucky to get below 20 (68F) for a min.
Oh how I miss winter already, and it is still only spring!

Friends of ours who don't live here ask what it is like in the heat. I think a good example is when one opens the oven to get out your favourite pie, all the hot air rushes out to meet you. This is pretty much the same as opening the front door to go outside on a stinker.
So it is now that the AC is on 24/7 at pleasant 26C
I wonder if I will crack a new record high this year.
Summer is upon us....
Station Closed (Travelling around Australia)

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