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Mocroburst measured to 145kmhr and videod

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Mocroburst measured to 145kmhr and videod

Post by MickinMoulden » Sun 15 Feb 2015 6:42 am

If you check my facebook page (I can't share a link for the video, but here is the page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Palmerst ... 7960282731), for February 14th, you will see a video of a little storm that appeared on radar (radar shots supplied) but it contained a microburst as it moved at 60kmhr across the small town of Kununurra at the top of Western Australia. Watch the video as it clears the balcony of chairs and tables at a restaurant. It broke the all time record at the town for wind gusts measured by the Australian BOM to 144kmhr, flipped a plane and nearly killed a girl as a huge tree fell and crushed the back of a ute where the girl was sitting.

If you also want to see a fridge blown through a balcony guard rail, then you can check out my "Fan Photo's" album. That day the storm broke my wind gauge pole and I videoed the event (check youtube app on the page, you will hear the wind gauge pop off as the pole bends). Our record speed at the airport is 217kmhr (from a cyclone in '74).
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