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    by Razgriz_410
    Sun 30 Jun 2019 8:04 pm
    Forum: Fine Offset/EasyWeather
    Topic: Transmitter repair.
    Replies: 11
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    Re: Transmitter repair.

    Speaking of transmitters breaking, is it possible to have two redundant ones? The thing is that I'm going to buy one of these houses in Greece for the holidays, and install a weather station there; my plan is to have it online even when I'm not there, and thus, I'd like to have 2 redundant transmitt...
    by Razgriz_410
    Fri 28 Jun 2019 2:29 pm
    Forum: Cumulus MX
    Topic: Is anyone using MX on Kubuntu?
    Replies: 3
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    Re: Is anyone using MX on Kubuntu?

    Thanks! I don't use Kubuntu but another Linux variant and was afraid I'd have compatibility issues.
    by Razgriz_410
    Wed 26 Jun 2019 12:45 pm
    Forum: Cumulus MX
    Topic: ET? Future Enhancements.
    Replies: 6
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    Re: ET? Future Enhancements.

    I think it's simply much harder to calculate evapotransporation than usual rainfall, and that's why it hasn't been implemented yet... Although yes, it would definitely be a huge advantage for us farmers to have this function.